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Energy conservation at Rosa Flora

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Posted by alunshof on 2011-12-01

With electricity costs representing at least 50 percent of Rosa Flora's total energy costs, the company has moved to reduce consumption by installing more efficient motors and growing light’s. The new 600-watt high pressure sodium lamps replaced 400-watt lamps and produce more light at less cost, while maintaining the higher light level for longer. Rosa Flora also uses acrylic roofs on the greenhouses that allow more natural light to the flowers. Throughout its greenhouses, the company has also installed variable speed drives on the motors used on its water circulation pumps and conveyors to reduce electricity usage.

Rosa Flora was the first greenhouse in Canada to install cooling lines underground for certain crops. These cooling lines ensure that the flower roots are at a constant temperature. This is helpful because in the summer, the ground can become too hot to ensure quality in the flowers, so the lines cool the ground for a first-class bloom. Rosa Flora also has thermal storage units to hold excess heated water for later use. This is so we can produce heat consistently at the most efficient rate because night and day requirements are completely different. Rosa Flora is also one of the first to use rolling benches for a cut flower crop, increasing usable growing space. In looking to the future, Arjan Vos, Rosa Flora’s controller, says "Having come through three distinct decades, each requiring major changes for its business, Rosa Flora expects this decade to also be one of major transition, especially for electricity generation and conservation."

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