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Consumer Buying Trends

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Posted by Louise on 2011-09-01
Consumer Trends on Buying Flowers

Statistics based on personal consumer purchases (transactions) of fresh flowers, flowering houseplants, green plants and bedding/garden plants (Does not include business purchases):


What are consumers buying?
Outdoor bedding/garden plants 46%
Fresh flowers 34%
Flowering/Green houseplants 20%

Who's buying?
Women 79%
Men 21%

For fresh flowers only:
Women 65%
Men 35%

For whom are they buying?
Self 63%
Gift 37%

For fresh flowers only:
Self 33%
Gift 67%

Why are they buying?
Calendar Occassions 14%
Non-Calendar Occassions 86%

For what Calendar Occasions are they buying?
Christmas/Hanukkah 30%
Mother's Day 24%
Valentine's Day 20%
Easter/Passover 13%
Thanksgiving 6%
Other 7%

For what Non-Calendar Occasions are they buying?
No special occasion 50%
Home decoration 13%
Birthday 5%
Sympathy/Memorial 5%
Anniversary/Love 3%
Get Well 2%
Other 22%

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