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Benefits of Proteas

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Posted by nika on 2014-03-24
The Cape Flora Proteacea is one of the world’s most treasurable natural assets indigenous to South Africa. We take pride in being involved in the marketing of these assets across the globe.
Advantages of Proteas as a flower to the customer and wholesaler:

·        The protea family will offer you a long vase life and remarkable displays.
·        Proteas deliver good value for money.
·        There is a fast growing demand for proteas in the consumer markets.
·        They provide a collection of texture and colour.
·        You can accent a single stem of protea or put it in a bouquet.
·        Proteas are popular flowers used to create an exceptional statement.
·        Proteas are strong resilient flowers which decreases the chances of damage during transportation
·        They are unique to South Africa.
FreshCap practices sustainable harvesting of the Cape Floral Kingdom to ensure the longevity of our flower species.

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